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Paediatric oncology is the malignant conditions in children. In the United States an arbitary adopted the standard of the ages used are 0-14, definition of childhood cancer sometimes laso includes the age group 0f 14-19. Paediatric oncology is defined as the study of diagnoizing and treatment of cancer in childrens. Worldwide it is estimated that, childhood cancer has an incidence  of 175,000,000 per year, and the mortality rate is 96,000  per year. In developed countries, childhood cancer has an moratality of about 20% of case. But in developing and underdeveloped countries the mortality rate is 80-90% of the cae. Every year the rate of cancer in children  increases. The most  common type cancer that affect childrens are Leukemia, Brain tumour and Lyphoma. Familial and genetic factors are identified in 5-15%. For more than 5-10% cases there is an exposure to enviormental factors such as prenatal exposion to tobacco, x-ray or certain medication. The remaining 75-90% are still unknown. Many organization focuses on childhood cancer throug cancer research. Some of the organizations are Childhood cance canada, Childrens cancer and leukimia group (United Kingdom), Children cancer foundation( New zealand), Childrens cancer recovery foundation (United states).

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