Future of Cancer Research

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Over the last two centuries, cancer treatment has evolved from the most primitive surgical treatments to highly advanced targeted therapies, which work by influencing the processess that control growth, division, and spresd of cancer cells.  Cancer research is continuing to advance on many fronts, from immunotherapies to robot surgeries to gene therapies.  Tumors disable the immune system's killer T cells, which can find and destroy certain cancer cells. Immunotherapy drugs work by preventing tumors from using this devious tactic. But if no T cells are swarming the tumor in the first place, the drugs don't help. 

  • Precision Medicine: Interpreting the Story of Genes
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors: Triggering Immune Defense
  • Chimeric Antigen Receptors Modified T-Cells for Cancer Therapy
  • Epigenetic Therapy: Setting Cancer Cells Straight
  • Research into Metastasis: Unmasking the Latent Enemy
  • Approaches for Translational Oncology

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