Cancer Drugs

Cancer Drugs Photo There are some list of drugs which can be used for treating cancer. The quantity of the drug differs according to the sensitivity of the tumour cells. Clinical trials are used to test the new cancer treatments, which involves a series of phases. During Early phase researchers figure out the side effects and best dose of the new treatment. Its rate on slowering the growth of the tumour cell is also observed by the researchers. Recent days, Genomics and nanotechnology is the developing field for anti cancer drug development. Most of the anti-cancer drugs are taken orally.
  • Quantitation of differential sensitivity of human-tumor stem cells to anticancer drugs
  • Different Phases of cancer Clinical Trails
  • Impact factor of Toxicology and Drug Metabolism
  • Future of Molecular medicine in cancer treatment
  • Treatment of Cancer with Oral Drugs
  • Functional Genomics in Drug Discovery
  • Novel Drug Delivery System
  • Nanotechnology in Cancer Drugs

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